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Monday, May 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Being prepared turns a crisis into an inconvenience."
- Dave Ramsey, financial counselor and syndicated radio show host

Guest Post:: WHEN THE TOILET PAPER IS GONE, by Shirley Toney

Česky: Toaletní papír English: Toilet paper Es...

When the toilet paper is gone what then?  I have recently discovered an answer to that problem. 
A portable bidet is the answer.  It is a bottle with a bent spout that you fill with water and squeeze it to wash the "nether regions".  You can find them on ebay and amazon.  They usually cost about $14.95.  They come in 260ml (1 cup) or 500ml (1 pint) sizes.  I personally prefer the 500ml size just in case.    
Or better yet a "wash bottle".  As a retired science teacher, I used them for lab cleanup.  They are inexpensive in most cases.  They work just as well and are cheaper. They can be found on ebay and amazon as well.  
For the ladies after urination, purchase cheap washcloths to be used once or more than once then washed.  These ideas have really eased my mind in preparing for the time when the toilet paper I have stored will eventually run out.
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