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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waterproofing Flashlights

from Preparedness Advice Blog

How many of you have had so called waterproof flashlights leak?  Yesterday I was talking with a friend who maintains electronic equipment for a living.  He provided me with a simple solution.  He seals his flashlights


with Silicone grease once a year.  I found some at ACE hardware, a small container cost me $4 and change.

You place a drop of the grease on the threads and tighten the seal.  It does not damage the o-rings.  In fact, on many of the waterproof flashlight the warranty is void if you don’t lubricate the o-rings with silicone grease.  He says it will waterproof a Maglight quite nicely and keeps the threads from binding.

I have been sitting here waterproof flashlights, using a q-tip to spread the grease.  It doesn’t take much grease just a drop.  Try to keep from getting it on your hands it is hard to get off.  It seems to work well.  This can be used on o-rings used to waterproof electronic devices, just don’t get it on the electronic components.