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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Preparedness Quick Tip: Keep Shoes By The Bed

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Something’s wrong in the middle of the night. You hear strange noises, or smell smoke, or there’s an earthquake. You need to get up and get moving and FAST is the key. Are you going to evacuate your house barefoot? Over the lava rock bed outside your window? Or in a foot of snow in the winter?

Where are your shoes? If there is always a pair of easy-to-get-on shoes by your bed you’ll have your feet protected and be able to get out of there a lot faster. Sure, if the house was on fire and I didn’t have my shoes nearby I’d get out in my bare feet. But I could sure get farther faster with something to protect my feet.  Even some flip flops or a sturdy pair of slippers would be better than nothing.  Next to the bed, under the bed, whatever works for you, keep a pair of shoes that you can get on your feet fast and easy to get you out of the house and on your way as quickly as possible while protecting your feet from glass, rocks, snow, toys, and whatever else is underfoot.

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