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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Hidden Danger of Long Term Food Storage

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There should always be good variety in your long term food storage. If your long term food storage is not done properly, you could find yourself suffering from a very real threat to your survival.  Basic long term food storage must be done in an efficient manner in order to avoid the very real danger of appetite fatigue.
Appetite fatigue occurs when there is plenty of food available but there is a lack of variety in your diet. This is the old “mind over matter” dilemma. Your mind will eventually tell your body that it is not going to eat the same thing again. As a result, you may find yourself losing your appetite. This will cause you to start eating less, even when there may be adequate food supplies present for your consumption. This could ultimately endanger your ability to survive.
This is where the hidden danger lies. Even though you may have adequate long term food storage, you will need to have a variety of food items to avoid the problems associated with appetite fatigue. While basic food staples are good to have on hand, you will need to incorporate various other food items into the planning associated with your long term food storage needs.
A combination of food storage items that includes different spices and seasonings, flavorings, and sauce packets can help to avoid the problems caused by appetite fatigue. You would do well to also stock both canned and dehydrated food items that will give you a greater variety and more choices in your diet. If you have decent gardening skills, you could also plan to supplement your food storage with fresh vegetables and herbs from a garden.
Appetite fatigue could also be called the “left-over syndrome”. How many times have you eaten more than one meal as a result of left-overs? How many times have you thrown food away simply because your family simply refuses to eat the same thing again? It simply goes bad because everyone refuses to eat it again because they want something different.
Variety is the spice of life. If you fail to maintain some variety in your food storage program, you may risk the development of appetite fatigue.
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