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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Support Concealed Carry in Canada

If you are a Canadian Citizen, please support new Concealed Carry legislation in Canada by signing this petition to the government.

Demand The Right To Carry Petition | GoPetition


Audio Podcast: Episode-796- The Future of The Survival Podcast

Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photo...Image by Colleen AF Venable via Flickr

Original Article

I feel that we have been on sort of a whirl wind tour with awesome guests, interesting topics and world events.  That’s great of course but it also has me thinking more about the show’s roots and our core message, … Continue reading →


PART 1: Sourcing antibiotics for storing in case the SHTF

Original Article

  On December 1st Dr. Bones of The Doom and Bloom Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy had a Guest Post published here on ModernSurvivalOnline. In it he discussed the need for antibiotics as a preparedness supply and made some recommendations. If you have not read the article - please do so.
Here was his recommended antibiotic supply list:
BIRD BIOTIC (Doxycycline 100mg) – used in birds but the antibiotic is, again, the sole ingredient

In sourcing these for a supply order of my own – I checked out which had been recommended to me by several readers. I found all of them to be available and most with past buyer reviews. I found that many reviewers commented on their use being for their “fish” – and when you read between the lines it was obvious the “fish” were really humans.

Cost appears to be decently affordable. I have placed my order for a few bottles and over the next two months plan to complete my antibiotic supply list.

Next is to obtain a credible dosage chart/guide for each.

In PART 2 I will take a look at another option: legally obtained “meant for human consumption” antibiotics purchased on the Internet.

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