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Monday, December 5, 2011

Audio Podcast: Episode-792- Making Soap, Knives and Modern Homesteading with Patrick and Emily Roehrman

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Today we are  going to have a first ever interview.  Patrick and Emily Roehrman came down to the Spirko homestead to do an interview about making soap, basic homesteading, knife making and home schooling with a large family. Patrick of … Continue reading →

Starting a Fire: Fresnel lens

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Starting a fire is one of the most rudimentary basic activities that a survivalist/prepper must be able to do. Whether for cooking, warmth, light, or protection – building a fire is critically important.
One method of fire starting I have utilized over the past year is the fresnel lens. Basically a large magnifying glass – the fresnel lens can gather the suns light and focus it to a very small and intense spot  - generating tremendous heat. No doubt many of you as kids used a magnifying glass to catch some leaves on fire – this lenses works much the same way.
Fresnel Lens
Why do I like the fresnel lens so much? Here are a few reasons:
  • cheap
  • durable and flexible
  • lightweight
  • simple to use
I have a couple of these in packs just shoved in behind something. So light and easy to carry. Of course – you need sun in order to use them.
For this post I took a few pictures on November 25th to show what they can do – click to enlarge:

fresnel lens, firestarting, survival, preparedness, backpacking, cooking,
A couple of my 7″ x 11″ lenses.

Prepared “dry stuff” to burn.

Showing “hot spot” from sun through fresnel lens on rock.

Hot Spot moved onto tinder – see the smoke?

We have fire!!!!!!

Super-flexible and durable.
The day I took the pictures the sun was shining bright and it was in the 60′s with a decent breeze. I had no issues at all get a roaring fire going. Obviously there are limitations to fresnel lenses – but they are certainly an option to consider in your preps.The lenses I like are sized 7″ x 11″ and are super cheap. Click HERE for more info. The are many other sizes available as well – even as small as credit cards.
Love sitting next to a hot fire on a chilly night -

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