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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do you have any general Survival / Prepping techniques?

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Hey folks, if you have any Survival techniques (how to build a fire, how to hide in the woods, how to build a shelter, etc), or information on how to hunt or process game, or general homesteading techniques (anything relating to the prepping / survival life, really)...

it would be great if you could donate a few minutes of your time to document your knowledge and add it to the knowledge index over at http://www.survivalgems.com/ . It's a collection of community submitted techniques and information that is compiled into a downloadable "Survival Bible" PDF for people to download for free.

There is so much good information floating around on the net (including on this site), but it's hard for people to gather it all up in a central location. SurvivalGems tries to index the information (cut and paste is OK unless the original Author objects).

The site is free to use and has no ads or popups - it is a community service! Signup is not required to participate so as to open it up to as many people as possible.

Hope you can help! Thanks and stay safe in the coming days.

Spice Up Your Preps: 25 Spices for Your Pantry

Shop with spices in MoroccoImage via Wikipedia

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Spices. Some think they're a necessity. Some don't. But food fatigue and boredom are facts, so to me, spices are DEFINITELY necessities.

I see people recommending to keep spices all the time. But I hardly ever see people recommending which spices to store. (For the sake of simplicity, I'm including herbs with spices). The amounts definitely depend on your style of cooking, so I won't include amounts of each. So here are mine in no order other than what order I pull them out of my cupboard:

1.) Salt! A necessity for more than just flavor. This ones kind of obvious.

2.) Pepper/Peppercorn. Salt and pepper. Theoretically, that's all you need.

3.) Garlic

4.) Cinnamon

5.) Oregano

6.) Chili Powder

7.) Paprika

8.) Cumin

9.) Basil

10.) Rosemary

11.) Coriander/Cilantro

12.) Red Pepper/Cayenne

13.) Curry

14.) Thyme

15.) Ground ginger

16.) Allspice

17.) Cloves

18.) Nutmeg

19.) Bay leaves

20.) Dill weed

21.) Sage

22.) Parsley

23.) Zest (Lemon, lime, and orange)

24.) Dried onion or onion powder

25.) Spice blends - Mrs. Dash, cajun blend, asian blend, jerk spice

There are obviously more spices out there and to you, some of the ones in my list may not be a necessity, but these ones are the most important in my opinion and give you the ability to create a wide variety of cuisines, from Asian to Indian to French to good ol' Southern.