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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Audio Podcast: Episode-670- The Power of Redundancy

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As we settle into the new home and office I am thinking a lot about redundancy.  Until now the Arkansas retreat was exactly that a retreat we could rely on to survive 6-12 months with no support.  I would have done that job well but certainly not in total comfort.  Of course we had to [...]


Cool Thermoelectric Generators

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This company makes thermoelectric generators that can produce decent amounts of electricity to charge 12v batteries or run appliances using the heat from a stove, campfire, propane torch, oil lamp, etc.

They look like they would be perfect if you are off the grid and don't want to advertise your power generating capability with solar panels or a wind turbine. Or if your solar or wind generator fails. Their website shows 7 or different ones, with different power capabilities. They aren't cheap, but they are much less costly then most other generators.

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