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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Revenge on the pigeons

By Joseph Parish

The next time you spend any time in a large city take note of the number of pigeons which flood the skyline. You can see them at just about anywhere where a bird can possibly fly or roost. During our last trip to the Philadelphia area I was afforded the opportunity to witness these birds in action. As I watched the large number walking around trying to beg for food I thought to myself what if the food situation was to get really bad how would the pigeon population hold up? I justified the thought with the idea that they are often considered somewhat of a delicacy usually known as squab.
Yes folks it’s those same birds that you sit next to at the park of any large metropolitan city and toss old pieces of bread or an occasional handful of popcorn to. It’s those same creatures that make a mess on the rooftops of the buildings or place droppings on your car as it sits below them. 

These pigeons are completely eatable and have a taste which is somewhat akin to dove. You have to remember that ornithological both doves and pigeons are similar so in the end just think of the bird as a dove and it will make it easier to swallow. When you plan a meal using pigeon as the main course you will likely want to utilize only the breast meat. Take your fillet of pigeon and bake it with a bit of butter added for addition flavoring. Spices can be incorporated for a tastier bird if you so desire.

To harvest your brood of pigeons you could use a pellet rifle. A shotgun would likely net you vast numbers with but one shot however as a survivalist it would be to your advantage to employ pigeon traps. A quick check of your favorite internet search engine is apt to bring up several that you could make yourself very inexpensively. 

If you plan to use your traps during the heat of the summer months you could use cool water as successful bait. In the event that you have any grain silos located nearby, you could setup your traps in that vicinity or if in the city place them on the roof tops of buildings. Other popular locations for these birds are under overpasses, within barns or as an occasional attic visitor. It’s far more prudent to trap the birds than to waste your ammo or to make unnecessary noises to catch your food? You could even raise them if you care to by cooping them up in a cage and as they breed eat only the tender young ones. 

Corn remains one of their more popular foods so it really would not be difficult to catch a number of pigeons in your trap in no time at all. During snow storms you could very easily trap huge quantities since the availability of food would be difficult for them to obtain at that time.
So dinner in hard times is much closer than you might expect. Bon appetite!

Copyright @2011 Joseph Parish

Interview: YouTube’s ThePatriotNurse

Original Article

It is my honor to provide here a written interview with YouTube’s – ThePatriotNurse. I have been watching her videos for a couple of months now – and she is providing some excellent and very much needed preparedness information. 
On the with interview:

ThePatriotNurse, YouTube, first aid, medical, emergency TSHTF
ThePatriotNurse providing excellent advice.
Can you tell us a little about yourself and how did you became interested in survival/preparedness?

 I have been a nurse for 4 years, and in that time have worked in Orthopedic, Inpatient Psychiatric, and Labor and Delivery– So I guess you could say I’m a Jane of many nursing trades!  In 2008, I watched the documentary “The Obama Deception” by Alex Jones and came to a fork in the Road.  After delving into research regarding our global and national economic interworkings, I decided it was time to have a Plan B. Thus I embarked upon the path of modern survivalism/prepping. :-)

What motivated you to start making YouTube video’s specifically dealing with medical issues after TSHTF?

I started my YouTube channel because I saw that there was a tremendous lack of medical prepping information.  Nobody was REALLY covering much else besides gunshot wounds and glitzy, glamorous medicine– especially on YouTube. Making videos was my way of contributing to the Prepping/ Survival community.  It has taken on a life of its own now! So you could say I wandered into the briar patch!

Are you involved in preparedness in your own life in any other ways – such as food storage, gardening, firearms, etc?

 I take a holistic, multi-faceted approach to prepping. This involves frequent weapons training, food preparation and storage, canning, pickling, and dry-packing.  I garden each year, and I also try to keep sharp on my nursing skills and learn new ones. Weapons training is becoming an increasingly larger part of the mix. It is wise to be prepared for a myriad of contingencies. 

Where do you see the survival/ prepping community going and what trends will take it there?

The key question that the prepping community faces currently is in how it will be defined. Will it be defined by stocking STUFF, piles of gear and useless crap without a knowledge base to support it?  Or will we seek to be more than just fringe-element consumers bent on amassing piles of survival-junque? This is a key moment for us.

The American Prepping mindset (currently)  seems decidely consumeristic to a fault. We believe that our sheer amount of stuff will impart survival capability.  We store huge quantities of food, ammunition, gauze, and seeds thinking THAT will save us.  Many folks have 100,000 rounds ammunition, an arsenal of guns…and NO TRAINING…none.  This is insanity to me!

Let me give you a relevant illustration to prove a point.

 I have a stethoscope that I use every day at work…It is a very good stethoscope, one of the best made. I have plenty of spare parts for it, keep it in prime condition, ensure it is stored in the proper environment…BUT..the stethoscope does me (and my patients) NO GOOD unless I know how to use it– intimately.  I have to know what I am listening for, know where to listen, and how long.

Firearms and weapons training in general is much like the stethoscope.  Pulling it out and givin’ it a whirl every now and then is NOT ENOUGH to make me proficient. I need to know it and how to use it like the back of my hand.  The same is true with weaponry. To make this a reality, I encourage folks to seek out training from a good school of their choice.

 What is the #1 preventative measure after TSHTF that people can take to prevent medical situations?

CLEAN water.  You can probably go a while without getting shot, contracting pneumonia, or encountering zombies.  However, you won’t last very long without water.  Thirst will drive humans to do stupid things, including drinking contaminated water.  Don’t let that be you!  Get a reliable method to purify your drinking water.

Are there any herbal/natural treatments that you feel can assist those that do not have access to antibiotics?

Oil of oregano, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Tincture of Elderberry, and Echinacea seem to have good reputations at this point.  Herbs are kind of hit or miss but, in my opinion, I would use these before antibiotics. If improperly used, antibiotics can do more harm than good.  To me, It is wise to employ less invasive measures first. I am also a huge fan of nasal saline irrigation (snorting saltwater) for sinus infections.  Works wonders!

Thank you thePatriotNurse. Is there anything you would like your viewers and my readers to know?

I am just a nurse.  I am no different than anyone else out there!  We tend to make heros out of people in our minds, but each individual has the capacity to succeed in at least one area.  Find your “prepping niche” and build on it.  Mine is nursing. Yours may be something else, but make it work for you!

ThePatriotNurse YouTube Channel  can be accessed clicking HERE. I highly recommend it.
© 2011, ModernSurvivalOnline.com. All rights reserved.

Survival Fire

Original Article

Dual Survival star Cody Lundin teaches Ecosa Institute students how to make fire

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