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Monday, January 17, 2011

Making your own Desiccant Packs for Long-term Firearm Storage

Very nicely written artcile. I store my ammo loose in MilSurp ammo cans with good seals, desiccant and oxygen absorbers.


Dealing with Survivalist Bullies

If you haven't checked out Joseph's site yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. There is a veritable wealth of information to be found here. http://survival-training.info


By Joseph Parish
During any gathering of multiple members of a group you will likely encounter a bully or two. With survivalist groups this could present its own specific types of difficulties especially during a time when smooth operations are absolutely necessary. Such behavior could endanger every member of the group and ultimately result in group failure unless measures are taken to either avoid those situations or to correct them as quickly as they are discovered.

Initially, as you review your membership requests you should be able to “weed out” those individuals who display this manner of behavior. Unfortunately, one can not predicted the actions of all people after the balloon has gone up and built up stress amongst all the people of your group could bring out some unusual and negative traits. Arguments are likely to begin and the winners may be on the verge of becoming a bully.

Many of us have the mindset that we must do whatever is in the best interests of our group. Do not mistake this as an aggressive structure or bullying. These bullies will try to scrutinize every action that the members do and in addition attempt to revise any of the actions that the other members take in retaliation. 

Usually these bullies have a mistaken notion that they must create a vast impact upon the member’s lives and in a sense they do. Perhaps if we encounter such a person in our group we should deal with them accordingly. First, plan a firm heart to heart discussion with the person involved. In defense of the man or women, possibly he or she does not actually realize how they are coming across to the other members. This method of dealing with the issue just may evoke the behavior change needed.

There is usually safety in numbers and it may come down to not only you approaching this individual but collectively as a complete group. As a whole it is possible the bully will see the failure of his ways and modify his behavior to one of group acceptability. If necessary keep records to bring to his attention. Our memory often escapes us when we need specific details. Give particular examples of how the bully has responded to others. 

As a last resort the bully may be requested to leave the group. I mention this as a last resort because he must have possessed some redeeming traits or you would not have invited him into your organization to begin with. His dismissal could result in lose of a valuable skill but you must be prepared for this to happen.

This is a somewhat general list of suggestions but it is hoped that it will help to alleviate any potential bully issues as your group progresses in their preparations. Remember, it is best to discover those individuals now then at some critical time in the future.

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish

Off Grid Laundry

I was looking into making my own laundry soap and found some of this information.  My grandma used these ingredients all the time on the farm! There are so many uses for bar laundry soap, Washing Soda and Borax other than just making laundry soap that they are valuable supplies to keep on hand.  Plus the money you save is incredible over even the discount brand of laundry detergent!

Liquid Laundry Soap Instructional Video


Dry Laundry Soap Instructional Video


Quick Note On Grater: Yankeeprepper mentions that he got his cheese grater from the dollar store, I went to a thrift store and got one for $0.25 that is much more sturdy than the ones from the dollar store.

I was also looking for a way to make an off grid laundry machine out of some 5 gallon buckets I get from work.  The main reason for this is that I have started changing my socks 2 or more times a day to help keep them dry since my work boots make my feet sweat.

This means I often have a load of socks that need to be done and since I live in an apartment I have to pay about $2.50 to do a load of laundry I figured doing it by hand might be a good way to save that money since it is usually a small load twice a week of socks.  It's not worth running the machines for 5 or 6 pairs of socks so this solution I found is great!  I'll just hang them up on my drying rack and be in business!

Yes I am not paying for the water and electricity for the laundry machines but if I was I'd probably be better off doing it by hand anyway!

This blog post on off-grid.net has an excellent design for using 5 gallon buckets for doing laundry by using a plunger.

DIY washing machine and homemade laundry soap

LivingHistorySchool has this great video on using a washboard to do laundry like the Pioneers did.

Pioneer Skills Pioneer Clothes Washing

Delta69Alpha has a couple good videos on doing laundry in Camp

Washing clothing with out power pt.1

Washing clothing without power pt.2

Well that is enough for now, enjoy and send me any information you might be able to find on off grid living especially on laundry!  You can email me at Prepper_Dude @ Hotmail.com (just remove spaces)

[What have you done today to prepare?]


Sanitation....yes the stinky issue.

I thought I would start the new year off with something usually overlooked....sanitiation during times of disaster. Many stock up on loads of TP and then really don't think about the issue after that. So what to do when the water stops running and the TP runs out? This is a subject many don't like to breach, but it a daily issue that must be addressed.

Sanitation after a disaster is a huge issue. The potential for disease outbreak is massive...the present situation in Haiti is a great example.
Bugging In:
People on sewer systems, especially low lying coastal areas face a serious issue. Though toilets can be flushed by pouring water into the tanks, when flushed it goes no further than your area lift station holding tank. With the power off these lift stations stop working and the holding tanks fill up. Either the waste will begin to flood the streets or it will back up into your house. Neither is a good option. Those on septic systems can continue to flush...though this is a huge waste of water.

If it is a short term disaster solutions are easy...probably the simplest is the 5 gal toilet. Available for purchase from several suppliers or you can make your own. This is also a good option for those bugging out via BOV.

A longer term solution is a 55 gal drum that can be constructed into a composting toilet if you are feeling really adventurous. Additionally a small septic system can easily be constructed.

A great book for waste composting...-The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure, Third Edition - Joseph C. Jenkins .

Bugging out:
Ok so you have to bug out. If going BOV, most think heck I'll just pull over and go (which is exactly what the masses will do). This again sets up the potential for disease spread as well as water contamination. With the BOV you can carry a 5 gal bucket...but I suggest you have one with the bottom cut out...dig a hole and presto..mini loo. But is is good to be responsible..a great book that addresses going in the wild and applies to any mode of bugging out.

-How to Shit in the Woods, Second Edition: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art - Kathleen Meyer

Holy Smokes I'm out of TP?!...now what?
Fortunately, someone has already done a study. Though a bit on the 'bold' side, they try several different substitutes...I'll let you read and decide for yourself.

Have a great new year everyone!

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