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Saturday, October 1, 2011

This weeks assignment: Candles

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My wife has always been a lover of candles and we have tons. Whenever a power outage occurs our house it lit up with flickering lights and being able to see to get around is not a problem.
Whether a disaster is short-term or long, candles can play a role. When the power goes out – generally most people think of flashlights. Flashlights are great but require batteries which will eventually run out. In a long-term situation – candles can provide hours and hours of light.

So – for this weeks assignment: Check  out your current inventory of candles and see what you have. Go to your local Dollar Store (I did) and spend $10.00 on candles. $10 can get you many hours of soft, gentle light.

emergency candles

taper candles

pillar candles
 Alright – you had to know I would do this: Be careful!!! Candles can tip over and catch stuff on fire. Nothing will ruin your day like being in the middle of TSHTF and your shelter turns into a charcoal briquette.
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