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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Wire Coat Hanger: What's your use for it?

The Wire Coat Hanger: What's your use for it?

Hi Guys
The coat hanger is one thing that I grew up finding innumerable uses for. You can find these free at some thrift stores or you pay very little for them. I would always raid the closets at home and grab another for for this project or that. Don't think mom ever figured out why the hangers were disappearing :o:

Growing up on a farm, with limited resources drove one to become resourceful. Here's a bunch of ways that I have seen them used

Stiff Wire Coat Hangers

- I keep one in my trunk and have used them to string up mufflers (2 - not mine)
- Make a sturdy s-hook
- Made a business card rack with them.
- Used a piece to replace a cotter pin
- Even made a simple book stand for a night table
- Strung beads on a length of wire, bent the ends to be mini stands and used them as counters for some kids I was homeschooling for their math
- bend it into a loop, string pantyhose over it and you have a minnow net or a paint strainer
- A friend was over for a visit and locked the keys in the car. Used a coat hanger to open it (Saw it done on TV and it worked - go figure!)
- Used it to fish items from tight spaces. Most often ill bend a hook in the end, but once wrapped duct tape, sticky side out, on the end to fish a cassette tape from inside the drywall. (OK I am dating myself here)
- Handy for unclogging the vacuum hose
- Make a mobile
- Make a frame to build paper mache onto
- Unclog toilet
- Make a kite
- Roasting hot dogs/ marshmallows
- Kids use them to make a bow - they've got a nice spring to them, but are not too dangerous
- Taped a match to the end of a piece to light the pilot light to a propane furnace
- Dowsing rods - have heard that simple bent wires work for some people
- Some older ladies in our church used to braid thick string around the hanger to make decorative ones
- Bend a few pieces to guide your garden hose - sort of like large staples to your lawn
- Swipe your clothes with them to reduce static cling
- Use it for a basic loop to make wreaths
- Make a giant bubble wand - tried this, but never got the bubble solution right.
- Have even made a make shift toilet paper roll holder with one - great for an out house
- Have bent one to be a stand for my soldering iron
- This site has 14 uses for them - The razor organizer is new for me
- We have used them as guides for halos for a Christmas pageant

Any other uses out there?

Hmm, I suppose they still work to hang clothes too!:thumb: