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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Found something cool tonight by accident

Sterility guaranteed unless package is damaged...

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Ok, so those lil alcohol prep pads one uses prior to sticking self or others with needles.

I had one too close the stove burner that was on boiling some eggs for egg salad and the alcohol pad poofed up in flame.....I was mesmerized for a second...then the light bulb went off.... I immediately got out a few of the multitudes of sparking devices I have.

I laid one out in a pie plate and barely even though of sparking it and POOF it was on fire, so I timed it....5 minutes and 17 seconds.

So I tried more and with different other tinder to see if it will lite it....I was truly amazed...it stayed lit and set things on fire like a champ.... so now I had to try this outside on the wood burner.... wow, it lit the fatwood which lit the wood stacked in the burner.

I get sent 5000 of these each year and always have boxes left over. I now have a supply in the BOB. One cool thing, I had my GF use a sprayer like a misting of rain and BAM, with a mag bar, the dang thing lit while water was dropping down on it....and stayed lit.

So, if you have some around, try them, see if they work well for you. This was total accident on my part and was fun to fool around with.
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