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Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Travel by Car Part 2

Snow Drifts
There are just a few more things to add to the trunk before taking off on your trip during winter weather months. I received a note for a reader who said there would be no room in the trunk for anything else if they put all these items in. He is wrong, but who said it all had to be in the trunk. We all have a glove box, pockets on the back of seats and pockets on the doors where small items can be stored, in fact many are better stored inside the car. I guess the real question is; are you sure you can survive a day or more stranded in cold weather if you don’t have these items? How much room is the life of your family worth to you? We never think this can happen to us but I have been caught off guard and so have many of my friends. It can happen to you!!

Small candle: If placed on the dash, this will help keep the air in the car above freezing. Don’t go to sleep and leave it lit. You can also run your car engine for 10 minutes every hour to warm the car and charge the phone. Make sure before running the engine that the tail pipe is not blocked. Also, leave a window slightly open on the downwind side of the car (facing away from the wind) for ventilation, but where the air is fresh and free of carbon monoxide from the auto exhaust (which is poisonous).
Wool blanket: You should have one per seat in your car. If you have some bench seats and also some club seating, each seat needs a blanket in a survival situation.
Mylar emergency blankets: These have dozens of uses from creating warmth to blocking wind, to use as a signaling device.
Knit cap and mittens: Most of your body heat is lost through your head, so the cap is important. Mittens are warmer than gloves. Remember wool or man-made fibers are better in cold/wet weather than cotton. Keeping your body core warm is the most important you have to do in a freeze.
Body warmers – the instant heat type. Make sure when purchasing these that you buy the ones rated for 20 hours, not 20 minutes. These are small and easy to stash in your auto emergency kit.
A whistle can be heard much further away than the human voice. I would have at least 2 in the car. If one member of your party needs to leave to look for help, you can signal each other every few minutes and help guide them back to the car. It is not wise for anyone to leave alone and go further away than “whistle distance.” It is just too easy to become disoriented and lost.
A Flashlight with extra batteries and an extra bulb… Never store the batteries in the flashlight – even the fancy Alkaline batteries can leak or explode inside your flashlight, leaving you surprised to find your flashlight useless in an emergency.
A portable radio is great to hear news and weather reports without draining your car battery. Make sure you have both AM and FM bands. Look for the ones that are also a flashlight and siren. Hand cranked power is also good.
Tool kit: How sad to be stranded for lack of a screwdriver or wrench. A multi function tool is also a good alternative.
Tow rope: Some people who could help pull you out of the ditch are not equipped with a rope. Think of how smart you will look, when you say “I’ve got one!” We’re not talking about a wimpy little rope, we mean a hefty tow strap or real sisal rope like a trucker might carry. Ropes are also important when creating a shelter if you can’t remain in your car.
Maps: Do you pay attention to where you are when traveling? If you don’t know where you are, how will you find where you want to go? Maps should include local, state, and destination maps when traveling. A travel club is really handy for these, now that most people take GPS for granted.
Compass: A Scout would know what to do with it. Do you?
Roll of TP: One of life’s essentials.
Fire extinguisher . What good is your emergency gear if it’s burning up with the car? More than once, we’ve seen cars fully ablaze at the side of the highway, and not from a traffic accident. Gasoline + heat + leaking fuel line = fire.
12-foot Jumper Cables just in case help should arrive and not be able to get bumper to bumper for a jump start.
Two quarts of oil.
Gallon of antifreeze. Antifreeze also burns well and is perfect to use as a signal fire.
Extra fuses.
Rags can be soaked to start a fire, to clean up, or for blocking cracks in doors and windows keeping out cold winds.
Roll of duct tape: What did the world do before duct tape?
Ice scraper to keep windows clear so you can see rescuers as well as dangers approaching.
Wool socks. Keeping dry is very, very important to survival when stranded during the winter. Change socks that become wet and dry the wet ones near a fire or in the engine compartment.
Sweatshirt or coat. When your core gets cold your body will draw heat from your limbs to protect your vital organs. This leads to frostbite.
Warm hat that covers your ears.
Sunglasses. Sun blindness is a real problem when traveling in the snow.
Completed Emergency Cards with medical and contact information. If you are stranded for a few days you may be too tired to remember this information when help arrives.
Small notebook and pencil to leave notes should you have to leave your car. DO NOT LEAVE unless you are in real danger.
A tarp is great to have on hand to lay over the snow when putting on chains or changing a tire. They are also great to have on hand to build a shelter.
Items for children (for a select few of you): Stress relievers such as a book, travel games, crossword puzzles and scriptures. It is important to have items to distract your attention so you aren’t constantly thinking about your situation.
The weather is forecast to be very cold, icy and snowy between now and  the New Year. Preparing will insure a safe, if not uneventful, trip.

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Winter Travel by Car…Part 1

None of us plan to get into trouble, but for the unfortunate or careless, trouble finds them anyway. A student driving home for Christmas at the end of Fall semester takes a wrong turn and ends up stranded on a dark freezing night. Or a family who cannot leave for Grandma’s house until Christmas Eve because the breadwinner has to work until the last minute, heads out into a snowstorm with the kids in the back seat. Does this sound like you, or someone you care about? Take time now for serious thought about what is in your trunk that can save your family’s life if you are caught by extensive traffic delays, spin out and land in a snowbank, or just run out of gas on a cold lonely road.
Let’s take inventory and clear out the “junk in the trunk”, so we can bring out the stuff that will save your life – the things you need in your Winter Auto Kit.
Water is the most important item in your auto kit. You can survive days and even weeks without food but only a few days without water. Without water you may be tempted to eat snow. NEVER do that. Water stored in your car will be clean and safe when other sources may not be. If your water should freeze, it can be thawed. Water in mylar pouches can be heated near a fire or in the engine compartment when you run your engine. Running an engine for 10 minutes every hour will help prevent frostbite and will be adequate to help charge a cell phone, assuming you have a charger.
Food is the second most important item to include in all auto kits.  During a winter emergency your body will retain body heat and create more warmth as it digests food.
Glow sticks can provide light during the nighttime hours and make you more visible to rescuers. I love the 10-inch glow sticks that are sold with a bipod. These are great to use in place of flares, to mark a path, to direct traffic after an accident, or during an emergency to signal rescuers at night. They can be seen for a mile.
Work gloves are needed if you change a tire, put on chains, or dig your wheels out of the mud or snow.
Snow chains, sand or kitty litter help with traction if your car spins out in the snow.
Bungee Cords have a million uses for building shelter and securing your car.
A small camp shovel is great to build a snow cave, or dig your car out of a snowbank.
Waterproof matches or lighter. Priceless.
A metal container to melt snow. A number 10 can works well for this and is a handy way to store small items.
A mirror or extra mylar blanket can be used to signal rescuers.
Umbrella: Instant shelter and protection from the wind. Umbrellas make a good door for a shelter.
Safety vests to be worn so you can be more easily seen by rescuers or while near the roadway (bright orange vests, cheap ones). You will all be safer if you need to leave the car, and each passenger wears one. These can also be attached to your car as a distress signal.
Cell phone charger for the car.
More Ideas tomorrow….for today, begin gathering the items you have around the house and place them into the trunk.

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Are you ready for profound change?

don’t foretell the future, but study the news, what’s really going on
and make your own best guess. The danger isn’t a nationwide atomic bomb
barrage (although a limited blast would be a dandy false flag), or any
sudden huge amount of manure flying…it’s economic collapse moving into
the fascism and the police state the Bush administration carefully set
up–then war, worldwide war (that we very well might lose).

The danger isn’t from any
so-called Golden Horde. The biggest danger, right here and right now,
is from our own government. Who else has the power, the means and the
motive to use those concentration camps they built? Those Blackwater
troops they brought in? All those executive directives in case of any
emergency that give dictator powers to the Executive Branch? Why did
they do it if they have no intention of using it?

Here’s the plan

1) I think the first step for the
average working person should be to change their life, save money and
boost their bottom line cashwise as much as possible. Change your
lifestyle now! It’s gonna change anyway. Move to somewhere small, the
tiniest apt your family can fit into, or that paid-for trailer. It
doesn’t matter if you’re in a city or not
than the danger of being a false flag nuclear or some other target
(diseases start and spread in the big cities first too)–hints are they
will pick a more outlying area for that.

2) Keep your income coming for as
long as you can. Think of some ways to get new streams. Send the wife
out to work. You need money!

3)You need to change your lifestyle so that at least half or more of the money coming in you can save or put toward survival.

4) Cheap, basic preps. A good water
filter (I have Kadyn), suss out a water source…food storage. I have
buckets of wheat, beans, multivitmins, sugar, dried milk, eggs, flax,
some other misc stuff…basics that will get me and mine by for at least
a year or more without starving, Soap making equipment, back up stealth
heating/cooking source (kerosene stoves are cheap). Warm wool. A good
knife and can opener (s). A shotgun, a hunting license (believe me you
do want reason for that gun when the authorities come) reasonable ammo
and a barky dog. Buy good preps in decent amounts (at least a year of
basic food, preferably three) but don’t break the bank. I’d eschew that
expensive freeze dried food and MREs in favor of grains and beans in
buckets along with multivits, for instance.

5) Get a passport for every member of your family now

6) Make sure you have a decent job
skill–take a class at a community college to repair cars, locksmith,
build computers, whatever. If you can get a credential within a shot
time (a year), get it. Does someone in your family (not the main
breadearner) have enough basic college science courses to get a nursing
degree in a year at a community college?

7) Sock away money, as much money
as you possibly can–not necessarily in a bank. Not only are they
unstable, but bank holidays are coming. I use a credit union (not all
that much better, but the smaller ones not mired in real estate can be
good–particularly if you know who runs it) and don’t keep much money
there. Get creative, what can I say? If you have enough money to buy
gold and silver, buy away. It’s better than the dollar, but keep enough
money in Euros or something for your plane tickets and to tide you over
at your new destination (take your bugout bags). Money is what will get
you out of here when the time comes. Be prepared to abandon most of
your preps other than what you can carry in a backpack.

Where are you going to go if you need to leave this country before the
borders close? Canada will be taken over by the US with hardly a
whimper (think Austria), and far north is harder living, but doable…it
will be easier to disappear–folks have lived in the north for thousands
of years. Some of the countries down south are in the hands of
gangsters in cahoots with the ruling party over the drug trade and
there is war right now. If you plan to go to Venezuela, Cuba or one of
those countries on the other side, go now–but be aware war might spill
over there and they are so small, there are limited places to hide.
You’ll stand out in the upper central American countries if you’re
obviously gringo and don’t speak Spanish. If I were white, I might be
thinking down toward Australia. Blacks might want to avoid
German-ridden Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Choose carefully.

Alternatives, staying with someone
in the boonies, where nothing is in your name. If the land you’re
staying on is in your name, they will be looking for you there if they
can’t locate you elsewhere. Security should be solid enough to tell you
when something’s coming for you and you have a way and time to get out
and hide in the wilderness. Dicey, but better than shooting it out
fantasy wild west style–you’ll lose permanently.

Even in the boonies, you’ll
eventually be needing to get out of the country (if you still can).
There will be draft, confiscation, registration and all sorts of bad
things coming, house to house (doubtful if you can get out legally at
that point). If they have the means to do it, they will, and they do
have the means to do it–and in the coming wars there will be great
needs for materials and human supply.

Do you think folks are going to be
let off the hook because they live 400 miles away from any city or in
Idaho? Uh-uh. They will come.

The rulerz don’t need numbers of
people. They need a limited number, to fight their wars, which will
increasingly rely on smart weapons and bombers, techical support rather
than foot soldiers, people to till the soil and run a few factories
(located in China)–but the excess…and is just excess to them, dirtying
up their space and using their resources–will be eliminated. Get it?
Millions of Americans are going to die and it will be good riddance.
Probably way more than half. If they win (and I don’t think they will,
thanks to the benevolent spiritual powers) it will be terrible
worldwide genocide. Note–in the next war there will be bio-engineered
diseases released…a good reason to isolate yourself as best you can
from masses of people where ever you are. Southern hemisphere is way
more lightly populated than the northern. Don’t forget what’s on the
table…widespread human genocide. Those third world countries will be
decimated. Starving people taking space on natural resources. I don’t
put it past them to have engineered diseases especially for blacks and
other minorities. We’re overpopulated and use too many resources.

Seriously, when the time comes, all that might save you is prayer. But until then, do the best you can to stay alive.

Back to practicalities, will you
have access to the cash you need on the run if you decide to try to
stay in this country? Forget banks. And you will be on the run. I would
bet money that EVERYBODY will be hunted down to be registered in some
way. You really don’t have that much time to get cracking on this!

Originally posted 2009-06-16 08:56:00.
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