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Monday, November 29, 2010

Trade Goods for PSHTF?

Any ideas for trade goods post SHTF?

Food, ammo, etc. are easy to think of, but any others?

So far, I've thought of

1. Hand Cranked Radios and Flashlights
2. Cement (Apparently very energy intensive to manufacture)
3. Salt
4. Tarps
5. Sleeping Bags
6. Whisky/beer/Cigs/tobacco
7. Heirloom seeds
8. Hand tools
9. Condoms/tampons/toilet paper
0. Wind-up watches
1. Batteries
2. Rechargeable batteries, Solar panel recharging system
3. Water Purifiers
4. Tents
5. That Iodine that protects the thyroid from radiation...Iodoral?
6. Still materials...copper pipe, burners, etc.
7. Advil, Aspirin etc.

Much of this can be bought now, and cheaply but would be impossible to obtain PSHTF...any other ideas or inputs?