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Friday, November 26, 2010

Surviving Your Fears - A Walk in the Dark

Darkness creates a fear that is unique. It seems that we always fear that which we cannot see and when it is hidden by darkness our fear grows even more. Many people seldom experience true darkness but it can be discomforting all the same. With the darkness can come danger, many of these dangers are real and some are merely products of our own imagination. The darkness can also be your friend.
The darkness signals the end of the day and the beginning of a time for rest so that our bodies can renew their energy. It can also come in the form of shade that protects us from the harsh light of the sun. It can also hide us from unwanted attention and allow us to remain unseen and undetected when the need arises. There is a quiet comfort that can be found in the darkness, darkness which is a part of nature and one that is often misunderstood.
Our natural instincts make us seek a source of light almost immediately when the darkness suddenly comes upon us. We don’t see very well in the dark and will quickly seek any source of light available to banish that darkness. A candle, a flashlight or the simple flip of a switch is used to turn the darkness into light. Yet many times we fail to realize our own unique abilities. We have a very unique ability when deprived of one of our senses.
There are a lot of people known as “night owls” who seem to thrive and are often most comfortable at night. They seem to prefer the darkness of night and find it a more comfortable place for them. They embrace the darkness as a part of nature and have become comfortable with its presence. While some people stumble around in the dark, others will quietly move through the darkness as if it were a walk in the park.
Our other senses will begin to compensate for that which we lack. What we cannot see can often be heard or smelled as our other senses becomes more acute so that we can banish the darkness and overcome our fear.
The next time the power goes out or you can’t find your flashlight try taking a walk in the dark.
Got dark?
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