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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Backpacking Gear with Multiple Uses

Dental flossImage via Wikipedia
Backpacking Gear with more than one Use:
Reducing the weight of your backpack can have a huge impact on how far and how comfortably you hike. To cut your packs weight try to select gear that can be used in a number of situations.
Here are some pieces of backpacking gear that have multiple uses:
  • Tarp - Can be used for shelter rain gear, ground cover, rain catch, etc…
  • Paracord – For traps, cloth line, fishing, clothesline, food bag line.
  • Multitool – Knife, tools, scissors, nail cutters, saws,…..
  • Duct Tape – Use to prevent blisters, repair gear, bandage wrap….
  • Candles - lighting, fire starter, waterproofing.
  • Metal Canteen with Cup- Boiling Water, cooking food, bowl for eating.
  • Hiking Poles – Walking stick, shelter poles, emergency splint.
  • Socks – warming hands, filtering water\
  • Bandana - cooling head or neck wrap, sunscreen, water filter, bandages.
  • Safety Pins – fishing hooks, hanging items, securing bandages
  • Dental Floss – fishing line, sewing thread, etc…
  • Plastic Baggies–carry items, emergency water carrier, storing food.
  • Compass with mirror – emergency signal, personal mirror, finding your way.