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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

After 8 months of R&D KI4U has $2 Dosimeters!

Shane connor, owner of KI4U and a good friend of mine, announced this yesterday:

After 8 months of R&D with military contractor, we are today releasing our new, and exclusive to ki4u, product; The RADSticker™.

The RADSticker™ is an inexpensive, as little as $2, peel & stick, postage stamped sized, instantly color changing radiation dosimeter.

More details at www.ki4u.com/products1.php and for a Special Limited-Time Introduction, we are giving one away FREE with any order of our other products.

Another 'don't leave home without it' item for our time!

And, they stick nicely onto a NukAlert!

I'm sticking them all over the place here, in fact, if my kids were still small I'd be
tempted to put up a group photo of both them with one stuck to their foreheads!

Shane Connor