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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survival Resources Link Dump

Yeah, I know I haven’t been keeping up with the site but I do have a couple of good resources for you to peruse on basic/primitive skills that will help you as society slides into chaos. Enjoy:
Hedgehog Leatherworks has a great short article on primitive jerky making techniques. This will definitely come in handy if something happens to our grid. There’s also a video:
Click here to view the embedded video. In a similar vein, Rasch Outdoor Chronicles has a post on Brain Tanning that is simple to follow and includes links to more in depth instructions.
Sunflower Ammo has instructions on how to put together a filtration system using those commonly available gravity water filter elements and a couple of buckets:
Click here to view the embedded video. Pioneer Living Survival Magazine has a great post on making charcoal.
Trail Boss TV has an some thoughts on the single shot break open 12ga. I included it only because it echoes much of my own thinking and I like to see people agree with me.
Americans Networking to Survive have come up with an interesting concept for post-SHTF cooperation. It might be a good place to start networking.