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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I currently have about 9 to 12 months' worth of longer-term storage. I'm familiar with many of the products I've stored and I use them somewhat regularly in my day-to-day cooking. There are a few, however, that I am not as familiar with. I usually choose canned beans instead of using my dried beans. And I feel like I have a lot to learn when it comes to using cornmeal and sprouting wheat. Because I have the food stored, I feel like we would be okay in an emergency. But I would like to have more experience with these products before I might need to use them under more serious circumstances.

So, I've started collecting recipes that use the grains and legumes that I've stored. I try to experiment and practice using these recipes so I can gain a familiarity working with legumes and grains. My goal is definitely a work in progress. I might make one new recipe a month or try a new technique here and there. Hopefully, over time, I'll also have the added advantage of slowly rotating through my longer-term supply.

Below, I've included some links that are great resources for longer-term supply recipes and techniques. I want to emphasize that your three-month storage should be made up of meals that you normally eat. So, these recipes are more for experimentation and use of longer-term food supplies - not three-month supply foods.

Longer-Term Storage Recipe Resources:
All Is Safely Gathered In - Intermittent recipes both for three-month supply and longer-term supply.
Basic Recipes - From Provident Living (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
beprepared Recipes - beprepared.com (huge database of recipes - just click on category and go)
Emergency Bread - Suggestions for cooking bread in an emergency.
Everyday Food Storage - Fantastic Food Storage Recipe Blog. She includes pictures and videos.
Food Storage Recipes - Compiled by a Stake Food Storage Specialist.
More Recipes - Source unknown
Preparedness Brings Peace - An assortment of recipes and preservation techniques (3-month)
South Jordan River Stake Cookbook - featured by Preparedness Brings Peace
Using Food Storage - More from Provident Living

: Find a recipe or new technique and try it in the next few months!

Found a great food storage recipe site? Let me know! I'll add it to this list.