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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Much Will This Hold?

Here is a handy list of food storage container sizes and quantities if you are trying to determine how much of a given product will fit.

1 gallon container = 7 lbs. wheat, rice or sugar

1 gallon container = 5 lbs. flour or powdered milk

1 gallon container = 4 lbs. dry macaroni

1 gallon container = 3 lbs. potato flakes, oatmeal or instant milk

5 gallon bucket = 35 lbs. wheat, beans, rice or sugar

5 gallon bucket = 25 lbs. powdered milk or flour

5 gallon bucket = 20 lbs. dry macaroni

5 gallon bucket = 15 lbs. potato flakes, oatmeal, or instant milk

55 gallon drum = 400 lbs. wheat, beans, rice, or sugar

55 gallon drum = 275 lbs. powdered milk or flour

55 gallon drum = 225 lbs. dry macaroni

55 gallon drum = 160 lbs. potato flakes, oatmeal, or instant milk

Original: http://allaboutfoodstorage.com/2009/06/how-much-will-this-hold/