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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Small compact survival kit

by Eric
(United States)

My advice on a survival kit are that you need a small compact one to keep (like your kit compacted into an Altoids tin) and a big one put in a safe place.

For the Altoids kit I recommend having:
- Matches(Waterproof is preferred) bound together by rubberband
- The striker from the side of the matches box
- Razor Blade
- Band-Aids
- Small Aspirin
- Ziploc Bag
- Fishing Hook
- Small Amount of Fishing line
- and small but GOOD pocketknife

For the big one I recommend having all of the above plus:
- Small bar of soap
- Nail Clippers
- Latex Gloves
- Paper
- Sharpie (Permanent Marker)
- Teeth Floss
- Q-tips
- (If you wear glasses or contact lenses than an extra pair of glasses or more contacts and solution)
- Eye Drops
- Rubber bands
- A few nails
- and a small multi-purpose knife.

Original: http://www.wilderness-survival-skills.com/small-compact-survival-kit.html