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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Downloads (PDF)


PDF Downloads include:

* Foxfire Book 1 (40.mb)

* Net Making. (0.9mb)

* Construction Plans for a Folding One-man Kayak. (0.15mb)

* In The Wake. (12mb)

* How to make old clothes et al. (0.5mb)

* How to make soap (0.15mb)

* Walden (0.8mb)

* Woodcraft and Camping(1.5mb)

* 14 Foot Canoe Plans (1.2mb)

* Bushcraft Notes (9.5mb)

* Tracking (.08mb)

* US Army Survival Manual (FM 21-76) (2.7mb)

* Nature Observation & Tracking (.03mb)

* US Army Map Reading and Land Navagation (Field Manual 21-26) (.07mb)

* Knots & Splices (1.3mb)

* The Art of Travel by Francis Galton 1855 (23mb)

* Aids to Survival - Western Australia (.7mb)

* US Military Survival, Evasion and Recovery (FM 21-76-1) (3mb)

* Peter McLaren Axe Manual (1930) (3mb)

* Solar box cooking (.3mb)

* Article about the Ethics of Gatherings (1mb)

* Canadian Scout manual (1.6mb)

* Pioneering knots and lashings (2mb)

* Essentials of archery (2mb)

* Hunting with a Bow and Arrow (2.2mb)

* Blacksmithing (4mb)

* Woodsmanship (1954) (5.2mb)

* Handbok OVERLEVNAD (7.5mb)

* Experiments on Knife Sharpening (8mb)

* Camp Life in the Woods and the tricks or Trapping and Trap Making (12.8mb)

* Prairie Traveler (1.9mb)

Original: http://www.wilderness-survival.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6769