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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Essential Power Tools

I recently did a post on Essential Hand Tools, so now I figure I owe you guys one on Essential Power Tools.

1.) NO MAN SHOULD BE WITHOUT #1 - Drill (Corded or Cordless) - There are so many uses for this tool I am not sure how one would go without.

2.) NO MAN SHOULD BE WITHOUT #2 - Circular Saw - someone who is skilled with a circular saw can do amazing things that most of us need a table saw to do.

With the first two items a handy person has almost all of what is needed to build a house!

3.) Orbital Sander - great for general sanding and smoothing of surfaces.

4.) Jig Saw - a must if you want to do any type of curved cutting.

5.) Sawzall - I use thing mostly for demo but it is great for cutting in certain circumstances and in tight spaces.

6.) Table Saw - used to rip sheets of plywood or dimensional lumber that would VERY difficult if not impossible with a circular saw. I just used mine when repairing my fence to rip down a picket to 2 inches to fill an odd gap.

7.) Router - this is used to finish the edges of wood or put a decorative edge on them.

8.) Grinder (Benchtop) - I use mine all the time when sharpening my ax or my lawn mower blade.

9.) Compound Mitre Saw - if you do finish carpentry...this is the right tool to have. I would never even consider putting up molding or trim without one.

10.) Belt Sander - this is used when you have a lot of wood or a large surface area to sand. You need to be careful with this because you can remove a lot of wood in a short amount of time.

Having the right tool for the job is paramount and will make that job easy and more importantly successful.

...that is all.

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